Your tax-deductible contribution will assist in paying the tuition of students in financial need.
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We are soliciting your support, through financial donations, to The Huguely Scholarship Fund. Your tax-deductible contribution will assist us in paying the tuition of students who have a dream, desire, persistence, and dedication to their education, but need financial assistance.

There are students who may not achieve academic excellence at the highest level, but do possess passion, drive, common sense, wisdom, and good decision-making ability, that are essential to achieving career success.
Let's give them a chance...




Sheri Riley, Founder and Chief Partnership Strategist and Personal Development Coach & Life Strategist graduated from the University of Louisville in Kentucky where she received her BS in Business Administration.

Sheri is from Ohio and Kentucky and knew as a young girl "I wanted to work in the entertainment industry, but I didn’t know how I was going to make that happen, being from such a small area, but I knew my starting point was a college degree".

In 2002, she established The Huguely Scholarship Fund in honor of her Parents, which is awarded to students from her hometown, Richmond, KY, which is designed to give young people with big dreams the resources needed to succeed.


Past Recipients


"If I hadn't received The Huguely Scholarship, I don't know if I would have been able to afford school. It allowed me to not worry about how my tuition was going to be paid and I was able to focus on my schoolwork and get my GPA up. I was even able to graduate a semester earlier than expected. I am so grateful to Sheri and the Huguely Scholarship Fund for that."


Long Term Goal


The goal is to grow this scholarship to financially assist a minimum of four (4) students a year.




In addition to the financial commitment plus donations from The Huguely Family and Glue, Inc, we would like to extend a BIG thanks to the following corporations and individuals:

Charles & Corrine Huguely Usher Raymond IV BSE, LLC. M320 Consulting
Scooter Braun Elluminis Consulting GTech Corporation Andrea Sistunk
Blackgirl Magazine Phoebe Goodson Sharon Southern Results,Inc.
Converse, Inc Randall Brown Felita Knight Donald Lee McClure
Sheldrian Leflore Carol Brown Marilyn Lee Karen Lee
Camille Hackney Yussuf Khan Tracy Walker Diane Powell-Larche
E. Nicole Bostic Pam McIver W&W PR Good Carma, LLC
Omotayo Alli Arthurice Brundidge Toussaint Gaskins Janean Brown
Edvige Jean-Francois Gaile Southern Gladys Parks The ABA Agency
Family Tree Entertainment; Hennessy Sharon Moore Noni Nicolas
Russell Clark EBMG Lequvia Ousley David Walker, Esq
Lovette Consulting Group Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Brown Ronda and Reggie Miller Diann Valentine
Damon Haley Lorna Wilson Lisa Harris Sheri and Jovan Riley
Alonzo & Tracy Mourning NBA Wives Association    


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In the "Designations" area, click "Select the Fund(s) for your gift". In the "Fund for UofL (Annual gifts to UofL's schools and colleges" section, check the box "Other, please specify on next screen" then hit "continue". Scroll down and in the "Other" box type Huguely Scholarship Fund and enter the amount of your donation.


Mail your contribution to
Sheri Riley
2625 Piedmont Road
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Make check payable to:
University of Louisville - Huguely Scholarship Fund

For more information please call Sheri Riley 770 833 4583